High-level Event on Dance Preservation

hypersexualisation of children in dance

Project by Ms. Vesna Banovcanin

 2 February 2022,  16:00 Belgrade time zone

International Dance Council, CID, UNESCO, Paris
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hypersexualisation of children in dance

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A seminar

right before the world congress


hypersexualisation of children in dance

2 February 2022

16:00 Belgrade time zome


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 International Dance Council, CID at UNESCO
Open to dance educators in all forms of dance.

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Lecture description:

Encouraged by recent events around the world dance scene, in this article we discuss the growing media sexualization of minors, mostly girls. This media sexualization directly affects dance, as an aesthetic and sports branch, and as a branch that is nowadays almost everywhere - in films, commercials, whose stars become role models for children. We explain the possible impact of such behavior on children - dance school students, and children as a general population. We consider the role of dance educators on their students, through costumes, music they play, and even the choreography itself. We give direct advice on changing (if necessary in a specific case) the behavior and habits of dance educators, in order to protect children. We list the signals of sexual abuse warnings, statistics, as well as possible steps in case of suspicion. This paper is a step towards understanding how as parents, as educatos in aesthetic sports and as citizens we can take responsibility for creating a safe and supportive environment for understanding and exploring our children's relationships and sexuality - and ensuring they do so at their own pace. at the same time protecting them from sexual abuse and not promoting sexually provocative behavior at minors.

KEY WORDS: dance, education, children, sexuality, abuse




Vesna Banovčanin


Choreographer and dance teacher at the Colors of Dance, for adult amateur dancers with performances.

Dance teacher at School of Musicals, Belgrade.

Member at CID UNESCO, with given lectures :

-          International Choreographers’ Congress 04 - 07. 09. 2018. Novosibirsk, Russia – lecture and dance masterclass

-           42nd World Dance Congress CID UNESCO on Dance Research, 16 – 20. 09. 2015. Miami, Florida USA – lecture

-          39th World Dance Congress CID UNESCO, 15 -19.04. 2015. St Petersburg, Russia – lecture and dance masterclass

-          CID UNESCO online seminar, Vaganova technique 25. 11. 2021.

Dancer at various programs, humanitarian events, festivals and shows.


Master Professor of sports and physical education, Serbia

Operational trainer for dance sport

Classical ballet school “Lujo Davičo”, Belgrade Serbia

Licensed dance teacher, national dance organization

Broadway and Fosse jazz – 11 countries Project

National and international dance judge for artistic disciplines, WADF


World champion in ADULT 2 category, solo street show (Moscow, Russia)

Multiple Serbian Champion

Balkans Champion


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