High-level Event on

25 March 2021
12:00AM Tbilisi time
Georgian Culture and its Sustainable Development

Dialogue of the World Dance Art Diversity and Development 

International Dance Council, CID, UNESCO, Paris


1. Overview

The transformative power of culture for social inclusion, resilience and development is increasingly recognized as a key enabler for Sustainable Development. Culture is an essential component of human development, representing a source of identity, innovation and creativity for all.

In accordance with the Resolution of the International Dance Council, CID at UNESCO, the President of the CID UNESCO will convene a one-day high-level thematic tele-Conference on the important topic “Georgian Culture and its Sustainable Development “, in partnership with the Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations of the Globe.

Tele-Conference will focus on the contribution of practitioners into the culture, their achievement in dance art, role at national, regional and international perspectives.

  1. Unite all practitioners on Georgian dance
  2. Create Platform that will help Globally to preserve and spread the Georgian culture

Blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for the name of Georgian culture

that is coded information coming from ancient times. Goals address the global challenges

we face, including those related to

– poverty in art education and less informed teachers – youtube learners,

 – emigration of Georgians on the Globe (cause the loss of information for coming generation, degradation),  

– inequality, 

– peace,

– justice. 

Goals are all interconnected, and in order to leave no one behind, it is important that we figure out hidden gaps through our communication and collaboration.

2. Goals

3. Objectives

  1. Highlight the connection between culture and historical diversity with particular relation to local solutions to group climate change and environmental challenges with other communities at local country/city for Georgians.

2. Provide perspectives about the instrumental role of Georgian culture in providing opportunities for decent work, informational poverty reduction, social resilience in comparison with other communities, national equality and other aspects of Sustainable Development.

3. Illustrate how Georgian culture, artistic education, and creative industries contribute to the realization of development targets in providing innovative solutions in urban and rural, national and local contexts.

  1. You are cordially invited to the largest gathering of specialists on Georgian dance.

    Tele – Conference is organized by the International Dance Council CID UNESCO that is specialized and the only that organizes World Congresses on Dance Researches where all forms of dance, all approaches (research, performance, teaching, therapy, recreation etc.). 225 experts from 39 countries of the 5 continents attended last year, 12 university professors from 9 countries in the Scientific Committee.

    Georgian Culture and its Sustainable Development tele-conference will be delivered by the Zoom online platform.

    Please register at (if you haven’t done it yet).

    BOOKING IS AVAILABLE. Enquiries email:

4. Specifications (Program details)

The meeting is secured by our moderators.


Click on the link when you’re ready to join. Your browser will prompt you to open the Zoom

application, or you can join just by clicking “start from your browser”. At the start of the day

we will operate a Waiting Room from 17.00pm until the welcome and introduction of the program.

Latecomers will be able to join the conference directly via the above link, so you may check

back in at any point during the day. 


You may choose to switch on your camera, but your mic will be muted throughout the day

and will only be enabled if you are due to speak, or if you would like to ask a question or

make a point during the discussion sessions which follow each panel of papers. 

Questions and discussion will be conducted using the RAISE HAND function located via the

Participants tab in the toolbar at the bottom of the Zoom window, and then at the bottom

right of the Participants screen. When invited to do so by the chair, you can indicate that you

wish to ask a question by raising your virtual hand and the chair will ask you to unmute your


The written CHAT function will be available for you to message during the tele – conference.

Please note, we have built in frequent breaks between panels and a small breaks between

individual papers. 

Don’t worry, we will explain the procedure in person.