High-level Event on Hip-Hop Dance Preservation

Dance Africa

Project by Lisa-Anice Sutphen

 07 April 2022, 09:00AM Pacific time zone

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International Dance Council, CID, UNESCO, Paris
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CID Seminars are offered free of charge to dance professionals from all forms of dance (not necessarily Members of the CID) provided they register till the previous day.

A seminar

right before the world congress



17 February 2022

09:00 AM Pacific time zone

You are cordially invited to attend the following seminar, free of charge.
 International Dance Council, CID at UNESCO
Open to dance educators in all forms of dance.

To receive the Participation Certificate, please pass the REGISTRATION.

I.The Young Dancer Project

      A. Gaining permissions for Y mentorship and the Enhance Fitness program
      B. Programs for every age and need
      C. Discovery of bringing Dance to school sites
      D. Enhance Fitness
II. The Development of the Dance Africa Project - from friends to partners
      A. Caesar Sakala and the dedication to life, Pastor Stephen Nyongesa and living rough - The Healthy Young Dancer Project in London
      B. Forming structure for community to build community partnerships
III. Hip Hop Culture /Breaking in the Olympics - a study in doing what the Dance Calls for
      A. Generations of facilitating structures
      B. Moving from Facilitating partner to full Community Partnerships
      C. Olympic Competition and Cultural Appropriation for profit

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